Mamane is an all-mountain downhill trail that is among the crown jewels of mountain biking on Maui.  Mamane, named after the Mamane tree, can be accessed by bicycle from the summit of Haleakala via skyline road or from Poli Poli via Waipoli Road.  Mamane descends more than 800’ over 1.8 miles from the trailhead on skyline to its conclusion on Waipoli Road.  The start of the trail is above treeline and rolls smooth and fast.  As the trail progresses it quickly descends into low brush and tree cover and becomes increasingly technical.  Rocky and rooty sections abound.  The trail becomes the most technical at the bottom.

When it is dry the soil is the consistency of fine silt.  Riding in dry conditions may compromise traction and can create clouds of dust.  Many people prefer to ride Mamane when the ground is moist and tacky.