Boundary is cross-country trail that skirts the western boundary of the park at its lowest elevation.  The trail descends 1100’ over 3.5 miles.  The trailhead intersects with Waipoli road after the road transitions from asphalt to gravel.  The trailhead can be found to the right after the cattle guard.

Boundary is a versatile trail with definitive sections of pine, eucalyptus and redwoods.  The trail is interspersed with beautiful volcanic gulches and breathtaking panoramic views of upcountry, central and West Maui Mountains.

The trail begins with a .7 mile decent that switch backs through sections of grass, shrubs and trees.  The trail then begins to wind toward the southwest as it passes through stands of pine, eucalyptus and redwoods.  While the trail continues to descend there are plenty of short, punchy climbs and challenging technical sections as the trail weaves in and out of volcanic gulches.

Riders should be aware that this trail culminates at the parks lowest elevation.  There are two options to climb back out and both are extremely challenging.  The first option is to “turn & burn”.  The second option is to take redwood trail.  This trail should only ridden by experienced riders who are confident about their fitness.

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