If you are looking to escape civilization, the remote trails of Poli Poli Springs will offer you a quiet sanctuary.  Here you will find an alpine forest consisting of Pine, Eucalyptus, Cypress, Chinese Fir and Coast Redwoods.

Poli Poli Spring State Recreation Area is located within 21,000 acres of the Kula forest reserve.  The bike trails in Poli Poli are between 5200’ and 7300’ of elevation.  Often times this elevation is in the cloud band.  Light mist and moist conditions are common.  Typically Poli Poli is clear in the early morning and the clouds begin to accumulate as the air temperature rises.  By 10 am Poli Poli is often under cloud cover.

 The trails at Poli Poli accommodate cross-country and all mountain riding.  You will want to select the appropriate trail depending what kind of riding you are into.  Please remember that distance isn’t the only factor when riding on our island.  Elevation, exposure, terrain, and weather all factor into the difficulty of a ride.  Weather in Poli Poli can change quickly from dry & calm to windy & rainy.  It can get cold at this high elevation.  We suggest that you come well equipped with appropriate clothing, food, water and tools.  Ride with someone and stay within the limits of your ability!