The east side of Kahakapao Loop climbs 825 feet over 2 miles of switchback single track. The trail winds through stands of eucalyptus, cook pines and tropical ash.  The grade averages 7.7% and gives  breaks at several places as the trail passes through gulches. The east side has a few more technical elements than the west. Such technical features include roots and tight corners. Because of these challenging features novice riders should be cautious about descending the east side of the Kahakapao loop.

As a climb the trail can be easy or challenging depending on the pace at which you ride. As a descent this trail gives cyclists speed and flow. Tight corners and roots on the switchbacks should be approached with caution. The trail intersects the lower portion of the downhill flow trail toward the bottom. This trail can be slick when its wet and tends to hold more moisture at the top. We recommend not riding in wet conditions, but if you must use caution riding over wet roots and in corners of the switchbacks.  The west side of the loop tends to remain dryer than the east side.